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  • 24 Jun 2024

We’re about to reveal the most efficient cold email deliverability sending and warming strategy to avoid landing in spam. Get ready, that’s super powerful to improve your cold email deliverability and expect great results from your campaigns in 2023.

The best cold email sending and warming strategy to avoid landing in spam
Cold Email Deliverability : The Ultimate Guide (2024) 2

Why do we feel legitimate writing this email deliverability guide ?

As usual, to give credibility to what we’re saying, it’s important to mention our experience in the email field and especially with cold email deliverability.

We have been sending cold emails for 5 years to 130 companies in 40+ different industries, and we keep doing it. This is crucial to developing a service that is really efficient and brings a lot of value to raise your cold email deliverability.

Our track record :

  • We grew from 0€ to 120€ monthly recurring revenue in 6 months in our previous company with cold emailing as the only acquisition channel.
  • Helped raise 56 million euros in funding for IPOs and seed rounds with cold emails in France.
  • 75% open rate on average for > 130 companies sending thousands of cold emails per month.

We faced so many cold email deliverability problems and lost so much money because of that, you can’t imagine.

In other words, you can count on us for cold email deliverability.

The context: maintaining a good cold email deliverability is much more difficult than before.

Standing out from the crowd: Cold Email Deliverability

Sending cold emails is like reaching out to strangers on the street, compared to emailing people who signed up for your updates. There’s a higher chance of getting ignored (marked as spam).

Even if you have a fantastic product or service, some people will hit the spam button. That’s just the way it goes, even for the best cold emailers.

Here’s the bigger issue: getting flagged as spam in 2024 hurts your sender’s reputation much more than before. Think of it like a bad report card for email sending.

Why? Email giants like Gmail and Outlook pay more attention to spam reports and how people interact with your emails.

So, if you want to send a lot of cold emails (more than 200 daily) and get good results in the long run, you’ll need multiple email addresses with different domains. This helps spread out the risk of getting flagged as spam.

Basically, using the right tactics is key to getting your cold emails delivered and opened.

The multi-sender tactic : the most efficient sending and warming strategy for a perfect cold email deliverability.

The Secret to Success: Be Like a Likeable Stranger

The key to getting your cold emails delivered is to act like a normal person, someone who sends interesting emails and gets positive responses (opens, replies, saves, etc.). Our research shows that sending a maximum of 150 cold emails per day, per email address is the sweet spot for good deliverability. The fewer you send, the better.

Why 150?

Going over 150 emails per day per address significantly increases your spam risk. Think of it like this: sending more emails makes you look suspicious, just like someone handing out flyers on every corner.

Don’t Overload One Domain

Another tip: Avoid using multiple email addresses on the same domain. It might seem efficient, but it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. If one address gets flagged as spam, the others on the same domain are likely to follow.

Here’s the solution:

  1. Get Separate Domains: Use multiple domains for your cold email sending addresses (check out our guide for best practices).
  2. One Address per Domain: Set up only one sending address on each domain.


  • Better Deliverability: By sending fewer emails per domain, you appear less suspicious to email providers.
  • Reduced Spam Risk: If one address gets flagged, the others won’t be affected.

Warming Up Your Emails

Think of this like warming up before a workout. Before blasting out emails, it’s important to gradually increase your sending volume. This helps email providers recognize you as a legitimate sender and improves deliverability.

Here are a couple of ways to warm up your emails:

  • Use a Tool: Services like MailReach can automate the warm-up process, gradually increasing your sending volume and engagement (opens, replies, etc.).
  • Manual Warm-Up: Send a small number of emails each day, gradually increasing the volume over time.

By following these tips, you can increase your cold email deliverability and get better results from your campaigns.

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