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Cold Email Creation Service WITH SMARTLEAD.AI

The #1 rated Google Workspace Partner and Microsoft Partner Reseller

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Save More time With Us We are one step away from you.

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Get in touch with us

Decide which package you want to go with, choose the number of emails and get in touch with us to place the order.

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Start working

We'll start working our magic as soon as the order has been registered. The whole setup takes 24 hours only.

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You start the campaigns

After 24 hours, your emails are ready to be warmed up in your tool of choice, well configured and ready to rock.


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After signing our proposal, we'll have you fill out an onboarding form  so we can understand more about you and your business

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We'll take all the information from the kickoff call to set up your inboxes, build your lead list, and write your campaign cadence.

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Once we've identified a meeting-ready-lead, we'll deliver it straight to your inbox with our seamless email integration


Our Customer Success Managers will do a monthly check-in call in addition to the weekly reports to discuss suggested modifications to continuously enhance the campaign performance.

Tailored solutions for what you need to do

Lead Generation

Discover the variety of options provided by our powerful and intuitive all-in-one email generating tool. Our Enterprise plans cater to enterprises that have grown and have specific requirements related to functionality, deliverability, compliance, services, and much more!

Grow your small business with our all-in-one email creation tool. Our plans are designed for scaled businesses with tailored needs in features, deliverability, compliance, services and much more! Let us take care of the setup, so you can focus on what's important.

Our Simple Pricing Plan

Google Workspace Emails

$1.99/Per Email
  • Free Setup
  • $2.5 per email/monthly
  • Add/Remove users
  • Admin access to workspace
  • US Sending Servers
  • 100% secure as we have no access to your accounts

Microsoft Workspace Emails

$1.99/per email
  • Free Setup
  • $2.2 per email/monthly
  • Add/Remove users
  • Admin access to workspace
  • US Sending Servers
  • 100% secure as we have no access to your accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about InboxAutomation, get onboard

What is InboxAutomatiom?

Inboxautomation is a program that automates the setup of corporate email accounts. While maintaining the same deliverability, it is fifty times faster and five times cheaper than email providers such as Google Workspace and Microsoft.

Why do I require so many email addresses?

An email account should send no more than 50 emails per day to avoid being marked as spam. The only way to scale outreach is to have a large number of email accounts.

What is the end outcome for my company?

Typically, firms use email marketing to schedule sales appointments. Our customers typically book 50+ sales appointments and add six figures to their funnel by growing their outreach with 50 or 200+ email accounts.

Does cold outreach yield results?

You can create email accounts with InboxAutomation. Consider it as your armed forces. However, in order to send emails, you still need additional tools, such as Instantly or Smartlead.

What differentiates this from Google Workspace/Outlook?

It would take you over a day to set up 100+ email accounts and optimise them for deliverability using DKIM, DMARC, and SPF, among other technologies. It would also cost you more than 650 bucks a month. You only need to spend three minutes a day with InboxAutomation, and the monthly fee is less than $200.

What's the process?

It’s an easy method that only requires three to five minutes: 1. After signing up, you are taken to our Meeting Form, where you will receive an automated direct message including a form for suggesting domain names. 2. You fill it up with the names of your preferred email accounts and the name of your firm. 3. You either buy the recommended domains or recommend your own 4. And that’s it! Take a seat back; your email accounts will arrive in a day. 5. All email accounts are included in a CSV file that you can import into Instantly or Smartlead with just one click. Like with other providers, we advise a two-week warming time.


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