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  • 20 Jun 2024

Domain email forwarding allows you to redirect emails sent to one email address to another, which can be especially useful if you have multiple domain-specific addresses that all need to go to one central account. In GoDaddy, here’s how you can set up email forwarding:

Steps to Set Up Email Forwarding in GoDaddy

  1. Log in to GoDaddy:
  2. Access email settings:
    • Click “My Products” to view your domains and other services.
    • Scroll down to “Email & Office” or the relevant section where you have your email plans.
    • Click “Manage” next to your email plan.
  3. Set Up Email Forwarding:
    • Look for a section labeled “Email Forwarding.”
    • Click “Add Forwarding.”
  4. Enter forwarding details:
    • Forwarding Address: Enter the email address at your domain that will receive forwarded emails (e.g., info@yourdomain.com).
    • Destination Address: Provide the address to which emails will be forwarded (e.g., yourpersonal@gmail.com).
    • Catch-All Forwarding (Optional): Choose this option if you want to forward all emails sent to any address at your domain to this destination address.
  5. Save and confirm:
    • Click “Save” or “Add” to confirm the forwarding setup.
    • You may need to verify by clicking a confirmation link sent to the destination email.

Important Considerations

  • Propagation Time: Changes may take some time to propagate through the system.
  • Spam Filtering: Be aware that some email services might filter forwarded emails as spam.
  • Volume Limits: GoDaddy has sending limits for forwarded messages, so verify their support documentation for specific limits.


  • Check DNS Records: Ensure that the domain’s MX records are set up correctly in GoDaddy.
  • Contact Support: If forwarding is not working as expected, contact GoDaddy support for assistance.

This process will help you effectively manage your incoming emails across multiple addresses by consolidating them into one destination.

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