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  • 24 Jun 2024
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Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 15

What is email warmup?

Warm Up Your Email for Success: Land More Leads and Sales

Ever feel like your emails are disappearing into the abyss? Email warm up is the key to getting them delivered to inboxes, not spam folders.

What is it? It’s like training for your email address. By gradually increasing sending volume and getting positive interactions (opens, replies), you build a good reputation with email providers. This translates to higher open rates, more leads, and ultimately, more sales.

Why is it important now? Back in the day, just sending more emails worked. Today, engagement matters too. You need to show you’re a legitimate sender people want to hear from.

How does it work? Imagine sending emails, getting them opened, replied to, and marked important. That’s email warm up in action! There are even automated tools to help.

Stay tuned to learn how to warm up your email address manually or automatically!

Why is email warm-up crucial to reaching the inbox of your recipients ?

1. Email warm up helps you build, maintain and repair your sender’s reputation.

2023 Email Game Changer: Engagement is King

Forget the old days of blasting emails! Inbox providers like Gmail and Microsoft now prioritize engagement to decide if your email lands in the inbox or spam folder. Here’s why:

  • Engagement = Trust: High open rates, replies, and “important” clicks tell them you’re a good sender people want to hear from.
  • Quotes from the Pros: Industry leaders like ReturnPath, SendGrid, and Campaign Monitor all confirm engagement is key to avoiding spam filters.

How Email Warm Up Helps:

This process involves gradually increasing email volume while getting positive interactions. Imagine people opening, replying, and marking your emails important—that’s warm up in action!


  • Build a Stellar Reputation: Consistent engagement from warm up sets you up for long-term success.
  • Revive a Tarnished Reputation: Even if you’ve been flagged as spam, warming up can help you earn back trust.

By prioritizing engagement, email warm up becomes an essential strategy for landing in inboxes and achieving your email marketing goals.

6501d96b59547add254e11f7 Email warmup sender reputation getting restored by MailReach p 800 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 16

Email warm up improves deliverability and open rates when sending cold emails

Ever wonder why some emails land in inboxes and others vanish into the spam abyss? Deliverability is the key, and it’s made up of three key parts:

  1. Sender Reputation: This is like your online reputation for emails. A good sender reputation (across your inbox, domain, and IP) means inbox providers trust you. Email warm-ups help build and maintain this trust.
  2. Spam-Free Content: Your email content matters! Avoid spammy elements to ensure your message gets past spam filters. Use our free Email Spam Test [link to Email Spam Test] to check if your content is squeaky clean.
  3. Non-Spammy Sending Setup: The way you send emails can also impact deliverability. Our free Email Spam Test [link to Email Spam Test] can help you identify any red flags in your sending setup.

By focusing on all three aspects – sender reputation (through warm up), clean content, and a non-spammy sending setup – you can achieve perfect email deliverability and ensure your messages reach the right inboxes!

3. Email warm up is the best way to monitor your sender’s reputation

One of the many benefits of email warmup is thait helpslp you follow and measure your sender reputation and deliverability. That’s very useful to know where you stand.


A screenshot of MailReach’s email warm up service

The above graph is what you see on your MailReach dashboard when doing your email warm-up. This graph shows you the inbox placement of your warm up emails.

As it’s important to keep warm while you send your campaigns, this graph is a huge help since it helps you know how your sensender’sputation is doing.

If you land more and more in spam when sending, it means there’s something wrong with your campaign. It can be that you send too many emails, or you receive too many spam complaints, etc

Sending cold emails without email warm up will lead to spam sooner or later

download 66 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 17

Sending cold emails can feel like a gamble. Here’s the harsh reality: without email warming up, your sender’s reputation is likely to plummet over time.


  • Reaching Out to New People: You’re contacting folks unfamiliar with your emails, leading to a potentially low engagement rate.
  • Spam Complaints are inevitable. Not everyone loves cold emails. Even with the best practices and stellar content, some recipients might mark you as spam.

The Result? Inbox purgatory (the junk folder).

The Solution? Email Warm Up!

Check out the graphs below (not shown here, but you can describe them) to see the dramatic difference email warm up makes in maintaining a healthy sender reputation. With warm up, you gradually build trust with inbox providers, increasing your chances of landing in inboxes, not spam.

Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 18

Without email warming up, tsender’sder reputation is falling

Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 19

Why email warming up is crucial to reaching the inbox of your recipients.

Ready to conquer cold email deliverability? Email warm up is your secret weapon, and you can tackle it in two ways:

1. Automatic Warm Up:

  • Time-Saving Convenience: Leverage email warm up tools like MailReach. These services automate the process, sending emails and managing engagement to gradually build your reputation.

2. Manual Warm Up (DIY Style):

  • Take Control: If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can warm up your email address manually. This involves sending emails to friends, colleagues, or family and encouraging them to engage (open, reply, etc.) with your messages.

We’ll delve deeper into both methods in the next section, so you can choose the approach that best suits your needs!

download 67 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 20

Convinced email warm up is crucial, but short on time? Automated warm up services like MailReach are your best friend. Here’s why:

  • Effortless Time Saver: Sit back and relax! Automated tools handle the entire process, sending emails and managing engagement to build your reputation.
  • Supercharge Efficiency: Automated warm up is simply more efficient. It builds, maintains, and even repairs your sender reputation faster than manual methods (14 days vs. 21 days minimum).
  • Track your success: Monitor your sender’s reputation daily witthe helpful tools provided by the service. You can’t improve what you don’t measure!
  • Deliverability on Autopilot: Maintain stellar deliverability throughout your campaigns with an automated warm up solution.
  • Open Rates that Soar: Better deliverability translates to higher open rates, ultimately leading to more clicks, replies, and leads.

How it Works (using MailReach as an example):

  1. Connect and Go: Simply connect your email address to MailReach and let it work its magic in the background.
  2. Smart Conversations: MailReach engages with high-reputation inboxes within their network, fostering meaningful interactions.
  3. Gradual Ramp Up: The sending volume increases gradually, ensuring a natural and positive engagement flow.
  4. Positive Reinforcement: Most emails get opened, replied to, marked important, and even removed from spam (if needed).
  5. Soaring Reputation: The high engagement generated by these positive interactions skyrockets your sender reputation, maximizing deliverability.

Pretty awesome, right? Automated warm up services are a game-changer for busy marketers looking to optimize their cold email campaigns.

The manual email warm up

download 67 1 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 21

If you have time and are not ready to pay for an email warmup service, you can do a manual warm-up. Even if it’s less optimized and time consuming, it can do the job.

What you need to do a manual email warm-up

  • A list of email addresses you own with a good reputation and aged domains on various email service providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc).
  • If not, a group of friends, colleagues or family members ready to reply to your emails.

Warming up manually: the theory

Here’s what you need to know about doing a manual email warmup.

As said before, to build a positive email sender reputation when your domain or email address is new, you need to show the the email service providers that you’re a legit, interesting person who has “a lot of friends” with great reputation. You need to be the great Gatsby.

To demonstrate this, the best way to do an email warmup is to gradually send emails to high reputation inboxes and get engagement from them.

That means getting positive interactions: having your emails opened, replied, marked as important and removed from spam (if you landed in spam, which usually happens sometimes when your domain is new and “on probation”). That’s email warmup.

A high reputation inbox can be :

  • A professional address on an aged domain (2 years+) that manually sends normal business emails (no or very few campaigns) and, because of this use case, gets a lot of positive interactions.
  • An aged personal address used to send normal emails and get a lot of replies. Typically, your old personal Gmail or Hotmail account or the ones of your friends and family are good examples.

Voilà, it was the theory about manual email warm-up, now let’s see the practical steps.

Warming up manually: the practical steps

images 7 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 22

The first day, send around 5 emails to high reputation inboxes you own or owned by people you know and ask them to open the message, reply positively, mark as important and remove from spam if needed. The more positive interactions, the better.

The next day, send 10 emails following the same process.

The following days, increase the number of emails by add 10 daily until you reach 100 per day.

Depending on the daily volume you plan to send, increase the number of emails sent by adding 30% more daily until reaching your goal.

How long does it take to warmup an email address?

The time it takes to warm up an email address depends on whether you use a manual or automated approach:

  • Automated Warm Up: With an email warm up service like MailReach, it typically takes around 14 days to achieve a good sender reputation.
  • Manual Warm Up: The manual approach requires more time and effort, generally taking a minimum of 21 days.

Here’s a breakdown of the factors affecting warm-up time:

  • Engagement Rate: The higher the open rates, replies, and positive interactions with your emails, the faster your sender reputation improves.
  • Sending Volume: Gradually increasing the number of emails you send over time is crucial. Avoid blasting emails from a new account.
  • Domain Age: An older domain with a good reputation can benefit from a slightly shorter warm-up period for new email addresses.

Remember, consistency is key. Regularly sending emails with positive engagement signals to inbox providers is essential for building and maintaining a good sender reputation.

To get the best results, use a (really) smart email warm up service

images 33 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 23

Absolutely! While manual warm up is an option, for the best results, a (really) smart email warm up service is the way to go. Here’s why:

  • Effortless Efficiency: Automated tools take the legwork out of warm up, freeing you to focus on crafting compelling cold email campaigns.
  • Speed Demon: Smart services like MailReach can warm up your email address in 14 days, compared to the minimum of 21 days required with manual methods.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Monitor your sender reputation daily and adjust your approach as needed. You can’t improve what you don’t measure!
  • Deliverability on Autopilot: Maintain consistent, top-notch deliverability throughout your campaigns, ensuring your emails reach the right inboxes.
  • Open Rate Rocket Fuel: Higher deliverability translates to more opens, ultimately leading to more clicks, replies, and leads.
  • Smarter Interactions: These services go beyond just sending emails. They engage with high-reputation inboxes, fostering meaningful conversations that build trust with inbox providers.

Imagine connecting your email to a service that magically warms it up in the background. That’s the power of a smart email warm up service! While manual warm up can work, for the best results, a (really) smart automated solution is the clear winner. It saves you time, boosts efficiency, and delivers superior results for your cold email campaigns.

Choose an email warm up solution that most closely replicates an interesting human

The warm up emails have to be meaningful

Most of the warming solutions use gibberish or “weird AI” content in the email conversations they generate. These messages don’t make any sense.

There’s a problem with that practice: the major inbox providers such as Google and Microsoft understand the content of your emails.

If you’re exchanging gibberish messages, they don’t understand it and it doesn’t build trust with them.

In fact, Google and Microsoft are not able to suggest smart replies / suggestions on these “warm up emails”.

Compared to most solutions, MailReach emails are meaningful, human and emulate a cold email activity that gets positive replies to build more trust with the mailbox providers and spam filters.

Microsoft and Google are fully able to suggest smart replies on MailReach warm up emails (screenshot below).

Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 24

An example of a warm-up email sent by MailReach

A solution that generates interested replies is more efficient

As said above, Google and Microsoft understand the content of your emails. That includes understanding the replies you receive to your emails.

If you mostly receive replies saying “No, I’m not interested”, “Stop”, “Unsubscribe”, then it sends a signal to the mailbox providers and spam filters that you are sending uninteresting emails.

On the contrary, if you receive many replies saying “Yes, I’m available for a chat”, “I’m interested”, “It would be great”, then it sends a much more positive signal to the inbox provider that you’re an interesting sender who deserves to land in inbox.

MailReach’s email warmer makes you receive positive replies to your warmup emails. That’s more efficient to build a strong reputation and increase your email deliverability.

2. Choose an email warm-up tool that uses a large number of human inboxes

images 25 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 25

As said earlier, to warm your email address, an automated solution will make it exchange emails with other inboxes to get positive interactions.

First, it is really important to make your sending address talk to inboxes that represent your targets.

In other words, if you mostly target professional inboxes in your campaigns, you should direct your emails mostly towards professional inboxes, not personal ones and vice versa.

On the contrary, if you only target personal mailboxes, then it’s not relevant to warm up towards professional ones.

Why? Professional mailboxes don’t filter spam the same way than personal mailboxes.

Second, the warming tool should have a large number of real mailboxes. We recommend more than 10,000 and ideally with aged, high reputation domains.

Why? Because that means your address will talk and receive engagement from a high number of different mailboxes with domains that have more weight. That’s more efficient to improve your email deliverability.

MailReach has a network of 40 000+ real (human) inboxes, including hundreds of high reputation aged domains. It definitely helps our customers have the best results for their inbox placement.

3. Choose a solution that helps you measure and improve your overall deliverability

A proper cold email deliverability solution should help you easily follow and improve two metrics : your sender reputation and the deliverability (inbox placement) of your own email campaigns.

Remember the formula: deliverability = sender reputation (inbox, domain, IP) + sending setup + content.

You can have a perfect sender reputation and still land totally in spam because of your content or sending setup.

You have to align 3 planets. And to do that, you need:

  • To make sure your sender’s reputation is good (the role of email warm up)
  • To make sure your content and sending setup don’t lead you to the junk folder (the role of deliverability tests / spam tests),

A proper email warmer should help you measure your sender reputation towards Microsoft (Outlook, Office 365) and towards Google (Gmail, Google Workspace), as these are separate entities and use their own scoring system. You can have a great reputation with Office 365 and a terrible one with Gmail and vice versa.

Also, you should be able to check the deliverability of your own campaigns by testing your content and your sending setup. To do that, you need to run an email spam test.

MailReach offers a reliable spam checker tool to help you measure and improve the inbox placement of your own emails. That’s super important.

what is Inbox Automation.co

Feature Image 5 2 1980x1550 1 1024x802 1 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 26

inboxAutomation.co offers a cold email infrastructure service designed to achieve 100% inbox placement for sales teams. It provides Google Workspace and Microsoft Office inbox setup, including configuration of DKIM, DMARC, SPF, and MX records, as well as email forwarding. The service also includes a master inbox setup for quick response management and connects accounts with warmup tools for improved deliverability. The platform is designed to help businesses automate follow-ups and optimize cold email campaigns for higher engagement and conversion rates. For more details, you can visit their website at inboxautomation.

what is cold email infrastructure service?

A cold email infrastructure service provides the technical setup and optimization needed for sending cold emails effectively. This includes setting up email accounts, configuring domain authentication records (like DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX) to improve email deliverability, and implementing strategies to warm up email accounts. Such services ensure that cold emails reach recipients’ inboxes,

MicrosoftTeams image 1 Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024
Email Warmup : All You Need To Know in 2024 27

old emailing, despite its growing difficulty, remains a powerful tool for generating leads. This blueprint equips you to craft impactful emails and maximize your outreach success.

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