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  • 23 Jun 2024

To add email forwarding to a domain you’ve registered through Google Domains, follow these steps:

Steps to Add Email Forwarding in Google Domains

  1. Log in to Google Domains:
  2. Select Your Domain:
    • Under “My Domains,” find and click on the domain for which you want to configure email forwarding.
  3. Go to the “Email” Section:
    • In the sidebar menu, click on “Email” to access the email management page.
  4. Add an email address:
    • Scroll down to the “Email forwarding” section.
    • Click on “Add Email Alias.”
  5. Configure Forwarding:
    • Alias Name: Enter the alias (local part) you want to use before the @ symbol. For example, to forward info@yourdomain.com, type info.
    • Destination Email: Enter the email address where you’d like to receive forwarded emails, such as a Gmail, Yahoo, or company address.
    • Click “Add” to save this configuration.
  6. Verify Destination Email:
    • Google will send a verification email to the destination address.
    • Open this email and click on the confirmation link to complete the forwarding setup.

Managing Email Forwarding

  • Add Multiple Aliases: You can add up to 100 aliases per domain.
  • Edit or Remove: You can edit or remove an alias by clicking the pencil (edit) or trash (delete) icon next to it.
  • Check Spam Filters: Ensure your destination email service isn’t marking forwarded messages as spam.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Propagation Delay: It might take a few minutes to several hours for email forwarding changes to propagate.
  • Typos: Verify that the alias and destination addresses are entered correctly.
  • Spam Folder: If emails aren’t arriving, check the destination email’s spam/junk folder.

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up and manage email forwarding through Google Domains.

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