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  • 18 Jun 2024

Setting up a custom tracking domain allows you to brand your marketing links and improve deliverability by associating them directly with your domain. Here’s how you can set up a custom tracking domain:

1. Choose a Subdomain

  • Select a subdomain name specifically for your tracking purposes. For instance, track.yourdomain.com or clicks.yourdomain.com.

2. Update DNS Settings

  • Login to Your DNS Provider: Access the DNS management console where your domain is hosted.
  • Add a CNAME Record:
    • Record Type: Choose “CNAME.”
    • Name: Enter the name of your chosen subdomain (e.g., track for track.yourdomain.com).
    • Value: Enter the address provided by your marketing platform. Usually, it’s a default tracking domain, like track.yourservice.com.
  • Save Changes: It may take a few minutes to an hour for DNS changes to propagate.

3. Configure the Tracking Domain on Your Marketing Platform

  • Access the Tracking Settings:
    • Go to the settings or domain configuration area of your email marketing or campaign management platform.
  • Add the Custom Tracking Domain:
    • Enter the subdomain name you created in the previous step (e.g., track.yourdomain.com).
  • Verify the Domain:
    • Most platforms will verify the domain by checking the CNAME record’s existence.
    • If verification fails, ensure the CNAME record has fully propagated.

4. Update Campaign Links

  • Test Links: Send a test email or campaign to verify that the links are correctly rewritten to the custom tracking domain.
  • Monitor Performance: Monitor click-through rates, bounce rates, and other metrics to ensure the custom domain is functioning as expected.

Benefits of Custom Tracking Domains:

  • Brand Consistency: Links reflect your brand name, reinforcing brand identity.
  • Deliverability: This reduces the likelihood of email providers flagging your emails as spam.
  • Reporting: Enables improved reporting and analytics by differentiating campaigns.

This setup will help enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

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