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  • 30 May 2024

How to Verify Your Domain in Google Workspace: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting up Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) involves several key steps, one of the most critical being domain verification. Verifying your domain with Google Workspace is essential, as it confirms that you own the domain and have the right to use it for your email and other Google services. This guide will walk you through the process of verifying your domain in Google Workspace, ensuring a smooth and successful setup.

Understanding Domain Verification

Domain verification is a security step required by Google to prevent unauthorized use of a domain. It ensures that only the rightful owner or administrator of a domain can set up Google Workspace services with that domain. This process does not affect your website, email, or any other services associated with your domain; it simply allows Google to recognize you as the domain owner.

Preparing for Domain Verification

Before you start the verification process, you’ll need:

  • Access to your Google Workspace admin console: You should have your Google Workspace account set up to the point where you’re prompted for domain verification.
  • Access to your domain’s DNS settings: This typically involves logging into the website where you registered your domain (your domain registrar).

Step-by-Step Guide to Verifying Your Domain in Google Workspace

Step 1: Begin the Verification Process
  • Log into Google Workspace Admin Console: Go to admin.google.com and sign in using your administrator account.
  • Navigate to Domains: Click on ‘Domains’ and then ‘Manage domains’. You will see an option to ‘Add a domain’ or ‘Verify a domain’. Choose to verify your domain.
Step 2: Get Your Verification Code
  • Select your domain: Choose the domain you are setting up for Google Workspace.
  • Generate Verification Record: Google will provide you with a unique verification code. This is typically a TXT record that you will need to enter into your domain’s DNS settings.
Step 3: Update DNS Records
  • Access Your Domain Registrar: Log in to your domain registrar’s website, where your DNS is managed.
  • Add the TXT Record: Navigate to the DNS management area. Add a new TXT record and paste the verification code provided by Google. The exact steps can vary depending on the registrar.
  • Save Changes: Ensure that you save the changes to your DNS settings.
Step 4: Complete the Verification in Google Workspace
  • Return to Google Workspace Admin Console: After updating your DNS records, go back to the Google Workspace admin console.
  • Verify Domain: Click on ‘Verify’ or follow the prompts to complete the verification process. DNS changes can take some time to propagate, typically up to 48 hours, so the verification might not be immediate.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • DNS Propagation Delay: If your domain does not verify immediately, it may be due to DNS propagation delays. Wait a few hours and try again.
  • Incorrect DNS Entries: Double-check that the TXT record is correctly entered without any typos. Also, ensure that no conflicting records are present.

Best Practices for Domain Verification

  • Record Organization: Keep records of your DNS changes and verification codes in case you need to revisit them in the future.
  • Security Measures: Always ensure that access to your domain registrar and Google Workspace admin console is secure to prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your contact details up-to-date with your domain registrar to receive timely notifications about your domain.


Verifying your domain is a crucial step in setting up Google Workspace. By following the detailed steps outlined above, you can ensure that your domain is verified quickly and securely, paving the way for a smooth deployment of Google Workspace services. Remember, the key to successful domain verification is careful attention to detail and patience as DNS changes propagate. Once verified, you can fully enjoy the benefits of Google Workspace for your business or personal needs.

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