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Google Workspace Emails

$2.5/Per Email
  • Free Setup
  • $2.5 per email/monthly
  • Add/Remove users
  • Admin access to workspace
  • US Sending Servers
  • 100% secure as we have no access to your accounts

Microsoft Workspace Emails

$2.2/per email
  • Free Setup
  • $2.2 per email/monthly
  • Add/Remove users
  • Admin access to workspace
  • US Sending Servers
  • 100% secure as we have no access to your accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

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Isn’t cold emailing and email marketing the same?

No, cold email and email marketing aren’t the same. Both are different approaches to reaching potential customers or clients. The key difference is in the relationship between the sender and the recipient.

Generally, cold emails are considered legal. But the legality of it depends on the laws and regulations of the specific country or region. 

For example: In the United States, the CAN-SPAM Act sets the requirements for commercial emails, including setting clear email opt-out mechanisms and having accurate information, among others. Failure to comply can result in penalties.

What are some of the benefits of cold emailing?

If you are trying to reach potential customers, cold emailing can be an effective strategy for your business. Here are some key benefits of cold emailing:

  • Targeted: Cold emailing allows you to target specific individuals or businesses you believe could benefit from your product or service. You can personalize your message to each recipient, increasing the chances of a response.
  • Scalable: Cold emailing is a scalable method of reaching potential customers or clients. You can send hundreds or even thousands of emails at once, reaching many potential clients quickly.
  • Cost Effective: Unlike traditional marketing and sales methods, you do not need to spend much on advertisements or referrals. All you need is an email address and a well-crafted message.
What are the various use cases of cold email?

Cold emailing can be an effective way to generate leads.

An example can be, let’s say, you run a B2B software company, and you’re trying to generate leads for your product/service. You can research your target audience and prepare a list of prospects. Once you identify the needs of your prospects, you can craft a compelling message and pitch your services to them. 

This way, you can reach out to hundreds of thousands of prospects with targeted messages and generate unlimited leads. You start with building a relationship and slowly move towards converting them into valuable customers.

What is a cold email outreach, and how to do it effectively?

Cold email outreach is a strategic way of sending highly personalized emails to individuals or businesses to grab their interest in your product or service.

Cold email outreach generates leads, builds brand awareness, and converts recipients into paying customers. The key is to craft a personalized and compelling message that resonates with your target audiences and to follow up with them consistently to build a relationship and establish trust.

Now that we know, cold email outreach is an effective way to reach your prospects. It’s important to do it strategically. Here’s a 6-step process on how to do a cold email outreach:

What are some of the best cold email tools?

A cold emailing tool enables you to carry out your outreach process with ease. It helps you to send cold emails more effectively by automating the entire process for you.

The market is flooded with cold emailing tools; you should choose one that allows you to personalize your emails, schedule your emails, automate the follow-ups and tracking, and easily manage your inbox in one place. 

Send Cold Emails, Automate Follow-Ups, And Get Real Responses

Learn how Inbox Automation is helping business owners just like yourself save over $9,500 and 240 hours yearly, while they can focus on the more important duties.


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